Yellow Green Tea - Flower Field

Slightly fermented green tea with extreme oolong tea like aroma

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Yellow Green Tea - Flower Field

Slightly fermented green tea with extreme oolong tea like aroma

  • Description:

    Take your tea drinking experience to a new level with the Flower Field yellow tea. This 100 percent organic yellow tea will make you feel as if you stepped into a peaceful garden that is just waiting to be explored. With gardenias and jasmine notes, the Flower Field yellow tea has a rich floral aroma that provides plenty of luxury in each sip. Light and bright liquor and delicate, but determined flavor, might get you a new tea addiction. 

    Contains a large amount of tea polyphenols, which are super antioxidants that benefit your skin.  

    Short description:

    Unique yellow tea from Sichuan with strong gardenia, or oolong floral tea scent and playful appearance

    Tea Profile: 

    Leaf:  Playful bouquet of fluffy leaves in all possible shades of green
    Liquor:  Bright lemony yellow
    Aroma:  Extremely strong jasmine. Like floral oolong tea. 
    Taste:  Light sweetness and mild character

    Don't drink yellow tea for 3 hours before bed time


    Steep one bag of loose yellow tea in 200ml of 90℃ water for 3 minutes. Re-steep 2-3 times.


    Average milligrams of caffeine per serving

    Tea with lowest caffeine - White tea, almost like decaf tea

    Tea with less caffeine - Yellow tea, caffeine content higher than that of white tea

    Green tea caffeine content - Half of Black tea caffeine content

    Oolong tea caffeine content is similar with black tea caffeine content.

    Tea with most caffeine - Pu’erh tea is High caffeine tea, contains caffeine a bit less than coffee


    Altitude Location

    Average temp

    Harvest Time
    1450meters E103°N28° 17.5°C  Summer

    Mabian Yi Autonomous County

    Mabian is located in the southwest China, where the majority of residents are of Yi minority. Mabian is far from major cities, so the damage on the environment is extremely low. Nearly 100% of soil and vegetation in Mabian are pollution-free.

    Yellow Tea Making Process

    Thousands years of history, delicate & artistic handmade

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    Chelsea | Taste the Tea Blog

    Amazing Tea!

    This is one of very few yellows tea's I've tried. The others have been so unremarkable I can't even recall their flavour profile. I feel like this one will stick with me though, as both aroma and flavour are an amazing combination of strong florals and deep vegetals. It's like the perfect combination of oolong and green tea! There's a slight astringency in the finish, but aside from that, the cup is light, refreshing and tasty!


    I love the flavor of this tea

    I love the flavor of this tea. I am very happy to have found flower filed yellow at Teadaw. The flavor of the Imperial gardenias and jasmine, and tea is wonderful. I have officially changed over and this is my go to tea.


    Rich robust flavor!

    I was more than upset to find that Teavana was closing as their Body + Mind blend was one of my staples. I was pleased to discover these flower field on Teadaw as well as the other two types of leaves needed to recreate my favorite. I’ve found the flavor of Teadaw tea to be more robust (in a good way) than what I was accustomed to drinking. I’m beyond happy and will be purchasing again.

    D Carter

    Amazing flavor & quality! Never Tried tea like flower field before

    This is a pretty good of Flower Field. The aroma is full of brightly sweet to bitter flavor, I never try tea like this before, and I made a couple fantastic, healthy tea blends using it. The flavor is very strong, so really, you can steep just put the bag in the pot and steep over 2-4 times. the Pyramid bag is quite convenient. I'm glad I purchased this, and I honestly wouldn't mind purchasing more of Flower Field in the future. This is a great way to cover the tastes of more bitter and less pleasant medicinal herbal teas (like Passionflower) and mushroom powders such as Cordyceps (which smells and tastes very similar to cacao). My parents actually LOVE my new flower field blends, so they definitely approve of this tea!


    Very good flavor and aroma

    I love Flower field. I never try yellow tea before, One of my favorites. I got this one on a lightning deal and the price was excellent. The taste is great. I can't tell what exactly the taste is, when you put into the mug with hot water you will fell air full of mixed kinds of flowers, it's quit nature, not like blend tea with artificial flavor. The pyramid bag is quit convenient.