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Teadaw Affiliate Program is Looking for You

Welcome to Teadaw, the leading organic Chinese tea online provider from China, the home of tea. and with "ensure every sip of tea in your mouth is fresh" creed in mind, we are aiming to bring the freshest Chinese teas to people worldwide. Now, we are looking for affiliate partners to join our affiliate program for a win-win situation, where you can get a considerably high commission as well as superb consumer brand.


The Teadaw Collections

For the tea lovers all over the world, we provides a wide range of endearing tea products from premium Chinese tea such as green tea to other tea rituals’ essentials like tea ware.


What is the Teadaw Affiliate Program?

It’s a partnership program that works to mutually benefit Teadaw and the affiliate partner. The affiliate partner refers traffic and therefore customers to Teadaw, and in return earns a commission on sale generated from this traffic.

How do I create links?

You have to follow the UTM’s params in your landing pages:


utm_medium=(Your Network Name) (For eg., PJN for PepperJam, SAS for ShareASale & LS for LinkShare)

How does it benefit me or my customers?

While earning a commission for yourself, you are offering your customers a value add with access to high quality tea and tea ware.

Can I use Teadaw content on my site?

There is no cost to becoming an affiliate. The model works on Cost Per Sale (CPS).

How do I track the commissions I have earned?

To become an Affiliate, you have to register with the networks listed above. The network tracks the orders and calculates your commission. A monthly report is sent to you by the network.

Is this restricted to any country?

No, anyone from any country can become a Teadaw affiliate partner.

How and when will the payments be made?

Every Tuesday

I run more than one website. Is there a limit on how many websites I can use as a partner?

There is no limit to how many websites you can register on the various networks.

What is Teadaw’s refund or return policy? I don’t want my customers to have a less than ideal experience.

Refund- This is valid in the event of order cancellation. Once you've canceled your order, Teadaw will process the refund based on your selected mode of refund.

There are two modes of refund:

Return - We pride ourselves on bringing you the freshest tea there is. And tea, just like any other vegetable or fruit, is perishable. We consider returned good, compromised in freshness. And that’s why Teadaw doesn't do returns. If a customer is unhappy with the product, they can write to us at or send us a chat message from our website; we promise to do whatever we can to remedy the issue.

How does Teadaw track which orders came from a referral from me?

We use Google Analytics to track referrals.

Is there any eligibility criteria for becoming an affiliate?

There is no eligibility criteria but to make this association effective, the best audience for us would come from sites in the following categories:

1.Books & Literature.

2.News & Travel

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