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Welcome to Teadaw, specialized online tea provider of single-origin authentic artisan Chinese teas. Our goal is to offer you a variety of the best unique, rare and high quality teas for each and every occasion. Our teas are sourced directly from farmers and delivered to you without any mediators. With the history of almost 5000 years, Chinese teas offer incredible palette of color and flavor nuances. We chose the most interesting and tempting ones, with placing focus on history, uniqueness, craftsmanship and organic production.


The Best Tea from Best Tea Fields

On our journey in discovering the perfect tea fields and the best teas, we tried countless types from various countries. We studied the tea production carefully, explored plantations and soaked every single drop of tea essence we could. In the end, our heaths found happiness and peace in China, the home country of tea.


100% Organic Teas for Colorful Lives

To cater to different tea lovers we offer a wide range of Chinese teas – from traditional ones to unique and rare teas rarely seem in online tea shops. All of our teas are tested and have passed a USDA/ECOCERT/Chinese Organic Certification.

Shop for tea ware and tea gifts and make your tea drinking an everyday easy ritual.


More Tea Stories

Besides offering you a wide range of artisan single-origin teas, tea ware and tea gifts, we want to satisfy your thirst for tea knowledge as well. Our goal is to provide you with a numerous interesting tea articles, tea recipes and insights into Chinese culture.


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