100% Organic Chinese Tea

Sustainable & Environmental-friendly plantation:We only choose tea garden that located at places where perfect for tea to rise. Altitude, latitude, temperature, moisture...etc, are all elements considered by us.

Ecological cycle cultivation

Artificial pesticide or herbicide on our tea trees? Never! We guarantee that the soil, water we used for plantation are 100% organic.

100% human power tea leaves picking

We only use people to pick tea leaves, and there are two reasons for this:
1. Reaping machine may hurt the tea trees, and break the balance of ecosystem in our tea garden.
2. Only human could ensure that our tea leaves are integrate from appearance.

Convenient & flavor conserving packaging

We use small sealed bags, each contain 3g tea leaves inside. You don't need any devices to weigh tea leaves every time you want to drink tea. And small package could preserve the flavor of tea ideally.

Traditional & High-tech tea making process

With thousands years of tea making experiences, and advance tea leaves processing techniques, we make tea leaves with excellent quality, no matter in appearance or in flavor. By the way, we never add any kind of synthetic fragrance into our tea leaves.