Chinese Tea Brewing Methods

Chinese Tea Brewing Methods
玻璃杯冲泡法:Glass Cup Tea
功夫茶:Kung Fu Tea
盖碗茶:Gaiwan Tea

Glass Cup Tea
Use the glass cup to drink the green tea

Kung Fu Tea
Kung fu tea is the Chinese tea brewing process that incorporates all the following meanings: hard work, labor, level for achievement, skill, free-time, etc.
What classes of tea are appropriate for “Kung Fu Cha”?
Oolong Tea

The steps for making kung fu tea:
1. Warm the cups and teapot first by pouring hot water over them.
2. Spoon some tea leaves into the teapot with a tea shuffle . The tea funnel should be used if the opening of the teapot is small.

3. Tea rinse round starts –add hot water and fill teapot until it overflow a little. Brush away the foam floating or top with the lid.
4. Let the tea steep for a few seconds before pouring the water out. This allows the teapots to warm up before the brewing starts.

5. The first round of tea-brewing starts. Pour hot water into the teapot until a little of it spins out of the top .The water should be poured from up high ,non-stop ,in a circular motion around the rim. That is to spread heat evenly to prevent se(涩).
6. Put the lid on the tea pot
7. Use the water in step 4 to wash the teacups with tong
8. Pour the hot water in steep over the teapot after washing to keep the temperature of the teapot as high as possible. A high temperature is the key to Kung fu tea.
9. After a minute or so, the first few cups of tea will be ready to drink. Now pour the tea into the teacups.

10. Ready to be served to guests.
11. After drinking use the tea digger from the tea tool to dig out tea leaves, use the tea needles to pick the spout.

Benefits of drinking tea
1.Medical value
2.Eliminate grease
3.Lose weight
4.Refresh oneself

Medical value

2.Lower blood pressure
3.Improve eyesight



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