Why white tea so good for patients with diabetes?

As one traditional Chinese tea,white tea has a long history. But compare with green tea and black tea, white tea is not that famous. Recently, the topics of white tea are becoming increasingly popular among tea lovers from all over the world, due to some researches that relate to the healthy benefits of white tea.

University of Kyoto hospital had launched a program, which aimed for finding out the relationship between white tea and diabetes. After observing 100 patients with diabetes who drunk white tea regularly, they found that white tea significantly relieved the symptoms of diabetes. And they also found the reason of why white tea good for patients with diabetes: White tea contains the tea polyphenols that could help to lower the glucose level of blood.

Beside the research from University of Kyoto hospital, one article named “The sterilization effect of white tea is better than that of green tea”, which published on the “Science journal”, at May 28th in 2004, showed that the tea polyphenols inside white tea could prevent the growing of many kinds of viruses, such as staphylococcus and streptococcus.

So, according to these researches, the benefits of white tea may come from the tea polyphenols. Based on some former researches, tea polyphenols contained in almost every kinds of teas. But the content of tea polyphenols would change due to the fermentation rate of tea, and the temperature during making process. The higher the fermentation rate is, the lower the content of tea polyphenols is. Therefore,black teas which are deeply fermented, contain little amount of tea polyphenols. Meanwhile, the high temperature during the making process would decompose tea polyphenols, that is the reason whygreen teas, which required high temperature to lose the water rapidly for preserving the verdant color, would lost few amount of tea polyphenols.

White tea has the simplest making process:

After picking fresh leaves from tea trees and screening out the unqualified leaves, people put the tea leaves under the sun, and let the tea leaves to wilt naturally. Therefore, without the high temperature, and deep fermentation during the making process, cause white tea contains the largest amount of tea polyphenols among all kinds of teas.

However, the simple making method of white tea also brings some negative effects: Without high temperature and deep fermentation during making process, the pesticide and herbicide left on tea leaves will not be decomposed into simple compound. So, white tea may has the highest pesticide and herbicide residues among all kinds of teas.

How to avoid this problem? Drink organic white tea. Because only teas with organic certification could be 100% considered as non-pesticide and non-herbicide.

Here are 3 tips for you, if you want to buy organic white teas:

● Price is not the primacy. High quality may not the reason of high price, the shipping fee, profits of whole sellers and cost of fancy packing, are also blamed for the high price.
● Find the certification. You can make sure that the white teas you brought are organic, when they have certifications from trustworthy organizations.
● Buy white teas with clear information. The more details of the white tea you can see, such as origin and tea plantations, the more likely hood you should buy that white tea.

In addition, buy white tea from China. Because only Chinese white teas are processed in traditional ways, which could preserve the amount of tea polyphenols as large as possible. And considering the cost and security of tea leaves, I advise you to buy white tea online. Because online purchase could avoid whole sellers, and lower the cost. And, you should buy tea leaves from site that gives the clear information.teadaw.com is one great site for you to choose white teas, because they offer so many details, from tasting notes to origins about their teas, and their teas are directly shipping from tea origins to the final consumers. Moreover, the most awesome point is, all of their teas have organic certifications. They even put the links of certification beside their products for consumers to check!



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