Unveil The Mystery of Teadaw Flower Field’s Strong Aroma

Among all the types of Chinese teas known to the world, black tea and green tea are two that enjoy the most limelight, while others stay in a relatively inconspicuous state, such as dark tea and yellow tea. Speaking of yellow tea, a special type called Flower Field is available on Teadaw, an leading e-commerce organic Chinese tea provider, and this organic yellow tea has a trait that can never been found on any other tea: endearingly strong aroma.

It is worth noting the product description about this organic yellow tea on Teadaw, Flower Field, with 2 minutes and a cup of hot water, will enchant you as if you are placed in a tea garden. Although with a little exaggeration, there is no denying the fact that this tea is one of the most fragrant types on the market that you can get your hands on. How come is it so aromatic? Read on to know the reason.

The Journey of Finding Flower Field

Francis Wang, the founder of Teadaw, spent lots of time with his team discussing about what types of organic tea they shall offer to the tea lovers worldwide and they came to an agreement that yellow tea, though a niche market, ought to be included in the product roaster due to its unparalleled aroma and texture and the possibility to bring more color to tea and life. Therefore, without further ado, they embarked on the journey of finding first-class yellow tea.

After a series of researches and field trips, they went to the tea garden in Mabian County, Sichuan, where they met the renowned tea master, Master Si, and was introduced his masterpiece, Flower Field, for the first time. Master Si was born in a family famous for tea making for almost half a century. Due to constant exposure to tea and tea making, Master Si succeeded his father’s job and devoted himself to tea business. Over the last decades, Master Si ceaselessly enriches his professional tea knowledge and hones tea making techniques by reading tea-related books, keeping up with updated technologies and machines and practicing refined theories combined with traditional ones over and over again. Therefore, Master Si has been regarded as authority on tea and one of the most trustworthy and best tea maker.


However, the path to making the best tea didn’t go smoothly for Master Si. He didn’t find the perfect tea field until he set foot on the soils of the tea garden in a valley in Mabian County, which is located at southwest of China, where the major residents are Yi minority. Mabian is far from major cities, so the damage of environment here is tiny. Nearly 100% soil and vegetation there are pollution-free. There he got everything for cultivating the best tea: the soil is fertile, sunshine is ample, moisture is ideal, geographical position is perfect such as temperature, longitude, altitude, latitude and the like. Via countless hours of experiments and good cooperation with tea plantation managed by Mrs Lu, who worked in IBM for seven years and returned to her hometown and took on this tea garden, Master Si successfully bred this top-notch yellow tea, Flower Field.

The Mystery of Flower Field’s Strong Aroma        

Francis Wang decided in his heart they needn’t go elsewhere and Flower Field was just the one they wanted as soon as they entered Master Si’s guest room filled with the fragrance sent out by the yellow tea brewed by Master Si even before they sipped it. “How come is Flower Field so aromatic?” was the question crossing Wang’s mind and was elaborately addressed by Master Si.

Unlike other types of tea usually picked in March, April or September, Flower Field is harvested in May. On top of that, the harvest condition is strictly limited to one of consecutive sunny days, ensuring enough sunshine for the vivid taste and freshness. On the flip side, human also plays a big part. Master Si said that this yellow tea was infused with secret making techniques passing down through his family for nearly one hundred years.

In Wang’s opinion, Flower Field definitely should share more of the spotlight enjoyed by green tea and black tea and create ecstasy for the taste bud of every tea lover all over the world. If you read this article this far, go to Teadaw’ Flower Field page and don’t miss out on the enchanting aroma and smooth texture of this tea.



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