Rose Milk Tea-Easily-Made Drink for People on Diet

Rose milk black tea has a lot of benefits: it doesn't contain that much calories, helps to smooth the skin, and also good for digestion. Furthermore, the caffeine contained in black tea won't disturb people from falling into sleep. Take one cup of rose milk black tea 2 or 3 hours before go to bed, could help for relieving stress. 


3g black tea

6 pieces of Rose

150ml Milk

2g Honey


1.Put black tea leaves and roses into acup.

2.Steep the black tea and roses with 100℃ water for 3 minutes.

3.Wait the tea to cool down, then add the honey.

4.Take out the black tea leaves and roses. 

5.Pour  milk into tea.

6.Stir for a while.




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