The legend of Da Hong Pao, one famous Wuyi oolong tea

Many people knows Wuyi oolong tea benefits are huge. It helps people to lose weight, removes harmful free radicals, and smooths the skin. Besides, Wuyi oolong tea caffeine content is not high enough to harm the stomach. But do you know the history of Wuyi oolong tea? In this video, teadaw will show you the legend of one famous Wuyi oolong tea, Da Hong Pao. 

Chinese Oolong teaDa Hong Pao, refers to “great red robe” in English, is a kind ofOolong tea that grown in the rocky, mineral-rich soil of Wuyi mountain where has historically been one of the major centers of tea production in the world.

The name of Wuyi Oolong Tea Da Hong Pao came from one folk legend. In Ming Dynasty, a student was on his way to attend the exam in Beijing. The tiredness caused by long trip drained his energy, let him almost want to give up the exam. Fortunately, a monk gave him sometea, when he pass through Wuyi mountain. The tea was so tasty, made the students forgot the fatigue, and brought his energy back to attend the exam again.

After the student got national NO.1 of the exam, he returned to Wuyi mountain, thanked that monk who helped him. And also, he thanked the tea tree which saved his career, by wrapping the tea tree with his red robe, which given by the emperor as the symbol of honor. Because the story of that student, people named the tea asDa Hong Pao.

Da Hong Pao has a strong caramel like aroma, and mellow taste with mild sweetness. Organic oolong tea Da Hong Pao has been world widely known as a primacy and high quality tea for many years.



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