5 awesome books you should read, while sipping a cup of tea

People love reading while sipping a cup of tea. According to some research results, tea contains tea tannins, which works the same way as caffeine does. Beside, tea also contains mild amount of caffeine. So, tea is a stimulant which as an avid reader you could use to help you tough out those late night reading books or articles, and won’t let you feel restless after a few cups of tea.

Here are 5 books that perfect for you to reading, while holding a cup of tea in your hand!


An epic with huge background that last for thousands year, need to drink something has long history while you are reading. Hyperion, as one of the most compelling and greatest science fictions for all time, is on the list of book you should read while taking a cup of tea. Because no other drink has that heavy sense of history like tea(except coffee), can sit along with adventure beyond time and scale.

2.The story of art

Some people said, if you only need one book relates to art, this book is The story of art. While reading the book which contains the best human works through out the entire history, you having a cup of tea, which is also one kind of tremendous art of human.

3.Journey under the midnight sun

People who read this book, would feel suffocating about the complex and miserable relationship of Ryo and Yukiho. The two teenagers―Ryo, the son of the murdered man, and Yukiho, the daughter of the main suspect―whose lives remain inextricably linked over the twenty-year search for the truth behind the crime.
What kind of drink suited for drinking during read this kind of desperate crime and love story? A cup of tea which brings you relieving is probably your good choice.

4.Harry Porter

This series of book were born in UK. When you talk about UK or British people, one sentence will echo in your head: Would you like a cup of tea? The love, or addiction of British towards tea is huge. If someone took the tea away from British, they probably stamp on and grind the people into pieces. So, do you want to sipping some great tea with British wizard?

5.All about tea

All about tea, by William Ulkers, the book means to tea is just like The story of art means to art. If you are both tea&book lover, you absolutely should read All about tea: It tells you the differences of teas in varies places, history events relate to teas, and diversity tea cultures all over the world. After reading All about tea, you will get a lot of knowledge of not only tea, but also people and society.



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