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Is Chinese tea complex?

You might have seen a waitress holding a copper pot with an one-meter-long slim spout and  pouring boiled water into your bowl with fitted cover. She could dance and do a series of intricate actions without letting even one drop of water fall on the ground or on your body. All you need to do is sitting here, with your eyes and mouth wide open, and watching her complete the whole set of acrobatic movement.  

"Such complex ritual would take you years to practice." The manager of tea shop says.

Furthermore, traditional Chinese tea wares are no less complex than traditional Chinese tea ritual.

Many tea lovers believe that tea wares are crucial to the taste of tea: the materials of tea pot, such as red stone, jade and glass, will produce various flavors with the same tea leaf. And even the years of the tea pot being used for is one key point for the flavor of tea.

I have used this pot for more than 20 years. " One tea lover puts the water into his red stone tea pot. He looks around 50 years old.

This pot conserves so much amora. Even when I only put pure water inside it without tea leaves, I can taste the flavor of tea, green tea, black tea, haha. " This tea lover says and laughs.

Hold on, if Chinese tea is so complex like this, with so many rituals and elaborate formalities, it may be hard to let people who live in fast-paced cities enjoy Chinese tea happily & easily.

For a country like China which has thousands of years of history and where people living here deem tea as an esteemed culture icon, it is normal for Chinese tea to have some complex and unnecessarily  luxury traditions. However, complexity and luxury are just two parts of Chinese tea. Besides them, simplicity and convenience are another two sides of Chinese tea:

Complexity & luxury presents that old and traditional Chinese tea;

Simplicity & Convenience, presents the young and fast Chinese tea.

However, the first complex & luxury image of Chinese tea is deeply rooted in people's mind because of so many anecdotal having complained that Chinese tea is luxury or only for the nobles brabrabra... The second young, fast & convenient image of Chinese tea is not so well known.  

Teadaw, an E-commerce company, wants to let more and more people know that Chinese tea can also be young & fashion, and it, of course, has the prime quality.

We pack tea leaves into small packages with each bag containing 3g of tea leaves, which is the ideal amount for people to steep with an ordinary cup(250 ml). This kind of design is meant to make the steeping process convenient and quick:

You don't need any extra devises to weigh tea leaves every time you want to drink tea. It is ideal for office staff whose time is money. Additionally, 3g sealed package could conserve the flavor of tea ideally: once you open the package, you will smell the natural flavor of tea leaves comes out like a aroma fountain;

And because of the sealed package, the delicate natural flavor of tea leaves is preserved nicely. When you pour water into your cup, the aroma will let you feel refreshed, just like standing at the center of a tea garden.

So, try a cup of young Chinese tea from Teadaw, which freshs your mind and body. We believe that Chinese tea is much more needed in this generation than any other periods of history, because people nowadays  often live under a lot of pressure, which is caused by overly fast-paced lifestyle and overly huge quantity of information. Chinese tea, which could ease the anxious tenderly and is definitely good for people's health, could ease these pressure tenderly.  



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