Learn some tea:Why Wuyishan has good teas?

As we know, Wuyi Mountain is famous for its astonishing landscape, and its variety kinds of teas. Oolong teas, such as  Da Hong PaoShuixian(Narcissus),Rougui(Cinnamon); and black teas, like Lapsang Souchong and Jinjunmei, are all grown in Wuyi mountain region and well known all over the world.

So, why does Wuyi mountain has so many kinds of good teas? 4 reasons in general.

●Soil condition. The high content of calcium oxide in the soil of Wuyi mountain is good for tea trees to grow.
● Moderate sunlight. Tea trees prefer shade but not strong light. Because one-third of weather in Wuyi mountain region are with fog, so, Wuyi Mountain offers excellent environment for tea trees to grow.
●Clean air. According to some statistics, the content of polluted gas, such as sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides, is hundreds times lower than that in big cities.
●Abundant water reservation. In Wuyi mountain region, the plentiful rainfall and large area of forest are build a perfect place for tea plantation. Besides, the loose structure of soil in Wuyi mountain is not easy to cause overly amount of water and flooding.



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