Collection of beneficial green tea special drinks

Green tea has many benefits, It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. In this article, several recipes of special drink with green tea ingredients are listed. You can choose one or two of them, to make yourself or your family a cup of tasty and also healthy drink.

Orange lime green tea soda


Orange 1

Lime half

Green tea 3g

Honey 1.5g

ice 4

hot water    200ml


1. Using 3g tea leaves and 300ml 85℃ water to brew a cup of green tea.
2. Use a juicer to turn the orange into orange juice;
3. Squeeze the lime and take its juice;
4. After green tea cools down, take the leaves out of cup, then add orange and lime juice into green tea.


If you like sweet taste, add some honey or sugar

Coconut banana green tea smoothie


One banana

20 ml of coconut juice

3g green tea

100ml hot water

200g ice cube

1. Brew a cup of green tea, take out the tea leaves after 3 minutes, then wait it cools down.
2. Use a blender to blend bananas and ice cubes.
3. Put coconut milk and green tea into the mixture from step 2.
4. Mix all these material, then pour the mixture into the glass.


You can try this smoothie during scorching summer time. 



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