Green tea fuzz tip: Tender tea tips with huge benefits

Fuzz tip, is one kind of green tea that named for the fuzzes covered on its leaves, produced in Sichuan, Guizhou, Henan and Anhui provinces. Most plantations of Fuzz tip are located in places with high altitude(above 800 meters), high humidity, short duration of sunshine, and temperature that vary mildly during the year, where are perfect for green tea to grow.

As one kind of top 10 famous Chinese teas, Fuzz tip has strict standard for its raw material and making process. Only fresh tea tips with one tip and one leaf which picked during late March and early April, could be used as raw material of Fuzz tip. And as one kind of green tea, the leaves of Fuzz tip are required to dehydrate after picking from tea trees. The time between fresh tea leaf to finished Fuzz tip tea is limited in one day, because after one night, the fresh leaves will ferment naturally, and be no longer suitable for using as the raw material of green tea.

Those fuzzes on Fuzz tip only exit on the back of tender tea tip, contain lots of tea polyphenols and amino acids, which are good for brain, cardiovascular, and help people to lose weight. Liquor of Fuzz tip looks like transparent emerald under the light, tastes with a mild sweetness and smells with a slight flower aroma.



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