Chinese Tea Culture Part I

Chinese Tea Culture

Part 1:
The History of Tea Drinking
Lu Yu(陆羽) & Tea Classics(《茶经》)
Categories of Tea

Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are the seven necessaries to begin a day.

Referring to Chinese tea, it can be traced back to the ancient times, about 1000-2000BC, Shen Nong Shi, the founder of Tea.

"Shen Nong Shi tasted a hundred herbs, at seventy case of drugs, have tea and the solution to." —Shen Nong Herbs

“Tea was discovered by Shen Nong Shi and become popular as a drink in the state of Lu because of Zhou Gong.”
—Tea Classics

Tea-drinking in China can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty (1000BC). and it was flourished in the Tang dynasty(600AD) and the Song dynasty (1000AD).

The Tea Classics is the cornerstone of Chinese tea culture, by Lu Yu(陆羽,Tang dynasty, 760AD), who is known as the “Tea Sage”(茶圣).

This is the first work on the subject. It is really a classic written on the activities about tea, and is a condensed conclusion of the knowledge and facts about tea in Tang Dynasty(600AD) and the pre-Tang times.

7 Categories of Tea

Green tea (绿茶)
Black tea (红茶)
Oolong tea(乌龙茶)
Yellow tea (黄茶)
White tea (白茶)
Dark tea (黑茶)
Scented tea(花茶)

Green tea
Green tea is also called unfermented tea. It is the variety that keeps the original color of the tea leaves without fermentation during processing.

Benefits of drinking green tea:
It helps with anti-aging, anti-cancer, and other special effect such as weight loss, refreshing thought beneficial to eliminate fatigue etc.

Famous green tea
西湖龙井:West Lake longjing tea
洞庭碧螺春:Dongting biluochun tea
庐山云雾:Lusan yunwu tea
黄山毛峰:Huangshan maofeng tea
信阳毛尖:Xinyang maojian tea

Black tea
Black tea is also called fermented tea , known as “red tea ” in China, it is the category which is fermented before baking; it is a later variety developed on the basis of the green tea.

Benefits of drinking black tea:
It warms the stomach and helps with digestion. It is a most suitable choice in cold seasons.

Famous black tea
祁红:Qi hong tea
滇红:Dian hong tea
川红:Chuan hong

Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea is also called half-fermented tea. As a blend of green tea and black tea ,it has qualities of both green tea and black tea .
It not only has the thick and fresh flavor of black tea, but also has the pleasant fragrance of green tea.

Famous Oolong tea
铁观音 : Ti Guan Yin
武夷大红袍: Big Red Robe
凤凰单枞 Phoenix single bush
台湾阿里山乌龙茶 Taiwan Ali Mountain Oolong Tea

Yellow Tea
Yellow tea is picked and processed in a similar way to green tea-up to the point of final baking .After work-firing the tea to prevent oxidation . the tea is show cooked over a very gentle heat to “yellow” the tea.

Benefits of drinking yellow tea:
It refreshes the mind and helps clear away heat and toxic materials within the human body

Famous yellow tea
君山银针:Silver Needle
霍山黄芽: Huoshan Yellow Bud Tea

White Tea
White tea is made in the simplest way possible –simply picked and fast-dried .The tea ferments a little during the drying phase (﹤20℅) .

Benefits of drinking white tea:
It helps dispel heat within the human body .it also enhances immune function and protects the heart and blood vessels

Famous white tea
白毫银针:Silver Needle White fur
寿眉:Longevity Eyebrow
白牡丹 Bai Mu Dan(White Peony Tea )

Dark tea
This is the kind tea which is compressed and hardened into a certain shape. As compressed tea is black in color in its commercial form, so it also known in China as “dark tea(黑茶)”. Most of the compressed tea is in the form of brick, it is therefore generally called “brick tea”

Famous Dark tea(黑茶)
饼茶:Cake tea
砖茶:Brick tea
沱茶:Pea-top tea
普洱茶:Pu'er tea

Scented tea(花茶)



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