A Series of Benefits of Green Tea You Should Know

As technology has developed in recent years, we’ve been allowed to learn all about the foods and drinks that benefit our diets and, therefore, our bodies. While some have lost out like chocolate and fatty foods, others have been big winners and organic green tea definitely falls into the latter category.


Whenever this topic arises, people tend to ask ‘well, what’s the organic green tea price?’ because they think it costs too much money. In fact, the drink is getting more and more affordable every day due to the increase in manufacturers providing it to the supermarkets and special health shops. With the biggest tea brands in the UK and across Europe, they now offer organic green tea for sale at similar prices to regular tea so the price no longer has to be a problem.


Health Benefits

When it comes to green tea and all organic Chinese tea products, there are some key benefits to note. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the main benefits so you can see what boost it’ll provide to your body if you were to start drinking these types of products.

Improved Overall Health – With green tea, you have a mug filled to the brim with nutrients because the bioactive compounds actually make it into the final product. Most notably, Chinese teas are known for their antioxidant properties which cleanse the body of free radicals and other harmful bacteria. Since free radicals are known to have an impact on ageing and many different diseases, removing them can bring an overall boost to your body.

Improved Mental Capacity – As strange as it may sound, green tea can also provide a benefit to your brain because it contains caffeine yet nowhere near the levels found in coffee and regular tea. Rather than your brain overloading before then suffering a ‘crash’, green tea raises your attention without the jittery side-effects that normally come with it.

In addition to caffeine, many Chinese teas contain L-theanine which is an amino acid that crosses the blood-brain barrier. By increasing the GABA inhibitory neurotransmitter, dopamine levels increase, the number of alpha waves being produced increases, and you can also experience anti-anxiety effects.

Improved Mental Longevity – In addition to providing a benefit to your brain now, it can also have an impact in the long run because many studies have now discovered the link between Alzheimer’s prevention and the catechin compounds in green tea. With these compounds protecting neurons, it can prevent many mental health conditions that affect older generations later in life.

 Improved Fat Burning – If you’ve ever taken a fat-burning supplement, did you read the ingredients? In case you’re unaware, many actually contain green tea and this is because research shows it can boost metabolism and fat burning. As we know, caffeine also increases energy levels and the amount contained within green tea will provide enough energy to push that little bit harder during a workout but in a healthy way. Rather than paying out for calorific and unhealthy supplements to give you energy, Chinese organic green tea allows you to achieve the same result while also cleansing your body.


All things considered, Chinese organic green tea is a superb product for your body. If you’re worried about the organic green tea price, this doesn’t have to be a concern because the drink is affordable from many locations. As long as you stick to the reputable providers who have green tea for sale, there’s no reason why you can’t experience all the benefits we’ve discussed here today!


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