6 types of Chinese beautiful tea sets to buy

Clay tea set:

Yixing tea set is not ignorable when talk about clay made tea set. Back to Song dynasty, from 960 A.C.—1279 A.D., Yixing tea set was already famous in China.
Chinese clay tea set often uses purple sand as raw material. Doesn’t like other potteries, Chinese clay tea set usually without glaze on both inner and outer walls.

ClayBamboo tea set:

During the old times, people lived in rural areas preferred to use bamboo tea set. But now, cost-effective bamboo tea set are rarely to use for brewing tea. Bamboo and wood are often made into jars, used for carry loose tea leaves.

Metal tea set:

Tea sets use gold, silver, copper and tin as materials. In all metal tea sets, the function of tin tea set is outstanding. Tin made ampoules with small opening, is perfect to protect tea leaves from moisture, oxygen, light and unpleasant smell.
In Tang dynasty, royal family chose silvers bottle to carry mountain spring, where many miles away from the palace, for brewing tea.

Porcelain tea set:

Porcelain tea set is the most common tea set in China. During Ming and Qing dynasty, the technique of making porcelain tea set was highly advanced.
Porcelain tea sets could be classified into white porcelain, celadon porcelain, black porcelain and many other kinds.

PorLacquer tea set:

Lacquer tea set started from Qing dynasty, and majorly produced in Fujian province. Lacquer tea set often with beautiful and fantastic patterns on its surface.
Lacquer tea set often used for decoration.

Glass tea set:

Glass is one material with huge plasticity. Using glass as raw material for tea set is cost- effective, and good to look. When glass tea set are used for brewing loose leaves tea, people can see the process of tea leaves unfold in water. The whole cup or pot of green or red, let people feel peaceful and pleasing.
Some teas are made into shape that present like flower bloom, and only transparent glass tea set let people to watch the sense.
But glass tea set is easy to break, and also easy to conduct heat.



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