6 rituals of Chinese tea in Chinese new year festival

As one daily drink, Chinese tea accounts for a great proportion of people’s life. Then how about festival? Does Chinese drink tea as usual in holidays? In this blog post, 6 rituals of tea in Chinese new year are listed. Because China is such a huge country, the rituals of drinking tea in holiday vary a lot from place to place in China.

Taiwan: New year tea party

In Taiwan, people like to set around a big square table, which has a brazier under it, drink tea and talk about the experiences of last year during the new year festival. For the meaning of lucky and rich, several coins would be arranged like a circle around the table.

Guangdong: Eating tea

In Guangdong, tea is not for drinking but for eating. When you go to a tea house in Guangdong, you will be shocked by the large variety of tea time snacks. For Cantonese, food and tea are indivisible. In normal times, they eat so much food while sipping tea, so, there is no reason for Cantonese to reduce the amount to eat.
During new year festival, family and friends gather together, talking and eating for whole day, to celebrate the coming of new year.

Zhejiang: Ingots tea

The yield of green tea in Zhejiang is abundant. During new year festival, people in Zhejiang like to drink some early spring green tea, with two olives or two kumquat in water. Round shape olive and kumquat are often considered as the symbols of gold and richness, so, people think they will have lucky in the new year, by drinking this kind of tea.

Fujian: Sweet tea

Fujian is the kingdom of tea, where produces many world famous teas, such as Great red robe and Lapsang souchong. During new year festival, people in Fujian province like to drink tea with many sugars in. Normally, people think sugar will devastate the original taste of tea, but in new year festival, tea with sugar means the sweetness of life. Drink sweet tea, people could have sweetness in the coming year.

Zhenjiang: 3 steps tea

People in Zhenjiang have the tradition to drink “3 steps tea”, at the first day of new year.
The first step tea, is tea with rice dumpling in. In China, round shape rice dumpling means life successful and happiness.
The second step tea, is tea with dates in. Red dates often considered as the symbol of lucky. In this step, people won’t eat all the dates in tea. Because dates are symbol of rich and fortune, if you left one or two dates, it means your lucky will not run out in the coming year.
The third step tea, is tea with “Eight treasures”. “Eight treasures” are round and colorful dried fruits or cereals, like grapes, wolfberry or kumquat. “Eight treasures” means lucky and richness of new year.

Anhui: Happy tea

In Yi county of Anhui province, people use tin made tea set to drink tea. Tin, refer to “锡” in Chinese, sounds like “喜”, which refers to happiness in English. People in Anhui believe that drink tea with tin tea sets, will have happiness and luck in the new year.



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